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Prayers and Amulets


We offer a variety of amulets associated with the history of the shrine and its stories, as well as a wide range of other prayer items.

Job Security

This amulet is a talisman that prays for a good job and employment, just like shooting a target on horseback, a traditional ritual at the shrine called Yabusame.

Warding-Off Evil Arrow Amulet

Since ancient times, arms such as bows and arrows have been used to ward off misfortune and disaster. The amulet is used to keep away the disasters that may befall oneself.

Sword Amulet

Since ancient times, there has been a belief that arms are used to ward off bad luck and misfortune. A sword amulet has a long tradition of being used as a good luck charm to ward off bad luck at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu. The sword amulet will powerfully keep away bad luck.

Safe Delivery Amulet

An enju (Japanese pagoda tree) is said to have been used by Empress Jingu, the diety of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, as the place to give birth to her son, Emperor Ojin. Therefore, the tree is respected as the “tree of easy delivery” and it is strongly related with Hachiman-sama. The amulet is modeled after the sacred crane and enju, which are the sacred crests of the shrine, and is used to pray for the safe delivery of a child.

Enchanted Tree Amulet

This amulet is associated with a poem written by Shizuka Gozen about her love for Yoshitsune: "Shizu ya Shizu. Shizu no odamaki kurikaeshi, mukashi wo ima ni nasuyoshi mogana”.
Yoshitsune repeatedly called out to Shizuka Gozen 'Shizu, Shizu'. The same phrase, “shizu no odamaki” (a tool to weave cloth) is used in a repeated movement to make cloth, so Shizuka Gozen wishes we could make the days of the past a reality once again in the same way.

Guardian of the Heart Amulet

True beauty and purity come from within. Kami naturally accompany a beautiful mind and give us virtue (happiness). This amulet prays that a beautiful mind is reflected in the mirror decorated with the crane circles of the sacred crest, and that happiness dwells in our bodies and minds.

Dove Bell Amulet

People have loved the doves flapping their wings in the grounds of the shrine as a messenger of Hachiman-sama since ancient times. This amulet is a talisman that prays for the good fortune of the mitama (the spirit of kami or people of the aristocratic classes) of Hachiman-sama to be transmitted through the sound of a bell.

Oriental Crane Amulet

The crane, which shares the same name as Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, comes in an origami-style shape which is folded with Hachiman-sama's power, and is an amulet to pray for the fulfillment of wishes.

The Great Ginkgo Tree Amulet

The Great Ginkgo Tree, a sacred tree of our shrine, fell down in March 2010. Now a young tree is growing healthily from the remaining roots, and it is still in the hearts of many visitors. This is an amulet used to pray that each of your wishes will reach the kami, just like a young tree growing strongly toward the sky.

We also offer various other types of gifts.