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Activities in the Community

We will guide you through various initiatives at the shrine, including activities to protect and preserve the natural environment together with the shrine's worshippers, activities to nurture the sound minds and bodies of children through interaction with culture and nature, and activities to pass on the culture of Kamakura for the future.

Environmental Activities

Protecting and enriching the natural environment

As one of the activities of the Enju-no-kai (Worshippers’ Association), we support the efforts of Kanagawa Prefecture to preserve the water source forests in Kanagawa Prefecture including those on the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu grounds. As part of the activities of Enju-no-kai and Tsurunoko-kai, we also offer programs that celebrate nature's richness, such as hands-on experiences with the forest and by the water, as well as craft activities.

「Enju-no-kai runs a nature conservation program at Enju-no-mori (Enju forest) in Yadorigi, Matsuda, where they plant saplings, thin out the trees and build trails under the guidance of forest instructors.

Tsurunoko-kai (Children's Association) offers various programs such as nature observation and crafting using all five senses at Enju forest.

Educational Activities

Nurturing children's hearts and minds in the midst of tradition and nature

At Tsurunoko-kai, a children's group of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, and the Tsurugaoka Kindergarten, children come into contact with traditional culture and rich nature, and develop a universal spirit that transcends the ages.
In addition, the Tsurugaoka Training Dojo fosters the healthy minds and bodies of worshippers of the shrine through the ancient Japanese martial arts. This is especially important for children as they will create the future and contribute to the formation of a prosperous society.

As part of the Tsurunoko-kai's activities, Tsurugaoka Rinkan Gakko (Forest School) is held in August every year, allowing children to experience the nature and culture of Kamakura and Kanagawa Prefecture, including the grounds of the shrine.

Tsurugaoka Kindergarten is located on the grounds of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu and is operated by the shrine. Children are taught a sense of gratitude and about the rich cultures of Japan through experiences with the traditions of the four seasons.

The training dojo, under the watchful eye of Hachiman Okami, the diety of the samurai, contributes to the mental and physical training and spiritual development of the shrine's worshippers, especially the youth of the next generation, through martial arts training in kyudo, kendo, judo, and aikido.

Cultural Activities

Passing on history and culture

The Kamakura Bunkakan Tsurugaoka Museum, which opened as a new cultural hub, and the Houmotsuden, the Treasure Hall, which exhibits treasures related to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, tell the stories and culture of ancient Kamakura to the people of today.
In addition, the Tsurugaoka Bunko library offers educational classes by inviting experts on Shinto, history, literature and other subjects.

The Kamakura Bunkakan Tsurugaoka Museum showcases the culture and history of Kamakura through its permanent and seasonal exhibitions.

Treasures and sacred items related to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu are displayed in the Treasure Hall, where visitors can learn about the history of the shrine.

At Tsurugaoka Bunko, we offer a variety of courses on history and culture, such as courses on historical texts and tanka poetry, to help you learn about history and culture.