Tsurugaoka Hachimangu official
Shinto Wedding Ceremonies official

Prayers and Amulets


We offer prayers at the main hall of the shrine, which is designated as a nationally important cultural property, to receive the blessings of Hachiman Okami for the fulfillment of your prayers. We also offer services such as the ground-breaking ritual or purification ritual at a location of your choice.


We perform a prayer for the fulfillment of your wishes at the shrine hall.

Main Prayers

Family safety, business prosperity, traffic safety, victory, first shrine visit, celebration of the Shichi-Go-San festival, warding off evil, company prosperity, good health, fulfillment of wishes, recovery from illness, success in school, good fortune, easy delivery, direction, construction safety

Prayer Requests


Reception Method
Please fill out the necessary information at the prayer desk and pay the initial charge.
Reception Location
Prayer office at the bottom of the Great Stone Steps
Site Map
Reception hours
8:30am - 4:30pm

※Prayer times during the New Year's period will be announced on the Notices page.

Initial charge (prayer fee)
From 10,000 yen per case

Companies, Groups of 10 or More People or Those Who Need a Number of Ofuda

For those applicable above, please let us know in advance in order to reduce waiting time. Please provide us with the necessary information specified below.

  1. Type of prayer
  2. Company name, representative, postal code, address and telephone number
  3. Initial charge
  4. Name to be written on the ofuda (Shinto tag)
  5. The number of worshippers
  6. The date and time of your visit
  7. Contact information


Preparation and Flow of the Day

Preparation for the day
Personal effects
Please pay the prayer fee (hatsuho-ryo) at the prayer desk.
If you wish to purify your car as a traffic safety prayer, please bring your car's license plate number to the shrine.
Formal attire is recommended for shrine visits. Please refrain from wearing informal clothing, coming barefoot, or using otherwise disrespectful clothing.
For those coming by car
Please park in the parking lot of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu.
Show your parking ticket at the prayer desk and you will receive 2 hours free parking.
Check the location of the parking lot
If you wish to have your car purified as a traffic safety prayer, please park your car at the Kurumaharaisho and proceed to the prayer desk.
Check the location of the Kurumaharaisho
The Flow of Prayers
You will be asked to fill out an application form at the reception desk on the east side of the Oishidan (the Great Stone Steps), confirm the content of your prayers, and pay your prayer fee. If you wish to purify your car as a traffic safety prayer, please bring your car's license plate number with you as this needs to be written on the form.
2.Waiting room
Please wait in the waiting room for your prayers.
After ascending to the shrine, please receive your prayers.
After the prayers, please accept the Shinto tags that were raised in front of the shrine.

※Those who come to the shrine by car to pray for traffic safety, we will purify your car at the Kurumaharaisho after praying.

※In case of rain,the car purification will be postponed.

On-Demand Rituals

We will come to your home or the venue of your choice to perform a prayer ritual.

Main Rituals

Ground-breaking ritual, beam-raising ritual, purification ritual, household altar ritual, Shinto shrine funeral ritual, annual ritual, pool opening ritual, unveiling ritual, launching ritual, completion ritual, well purification ritual, tree felling purification ritual, building extension and reconstruction purification ritual

Applying for Rituals

How to apply
Please contact us by email.
Please fill out the following form to speed up the process.
  1. Preferred date and time
  2. Type of ritual
  3. Representative and contractor
  4. Number of attendees
  5. Contact information


Reception hours
8:30am - 4:30pm
Initial charge
(Prayer fee)
Prayer fees depend on the type of ritual, so please check with the shrine office.

Preparation on the day of the festival

Necessary preparations depend on the type of ritual, please check at the time of application.