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Tsurugaoka Kindergarten

A kindergarten that nurtures "children who are healthy and strong with rich hearts".
As it is said in Japan that "all children are children of the kami until they are seven years old". With this in mind, we carefully raise children as a gift from the kami. At Tsurugaoka Kindergarten, our educational goal is to nurture children who are healthy and strong with rich hearts.
A variety of creatures reside in the Chinju Forest of Hachiman-sama and in this lush green environment we nurture the importance of life and a love of nature. Through seasonal events, the children will experience the traditions of Japan and grow up to be sensitive to them.
The traditional culture and lifestyle that the Japanese people have cherished, and the reverence for the kami and the Buddha, will foster a humble spirit of harmony with others and a clear attitude toward right and wrong.